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Earn extra income from your blog and social network by promoting a trusted education product designed for the homeschool community.


The Product

Gentle Guitar™ offers online (Skype based) kids guitar lessons to homeschool families. The lessons are taught in private (one-to-one) weekly 30min sessions to kids ages 5-12 accompanied by a parent or a supervising adult. It’s a 4-year fun and academic guitar and music theory curriculum that kids and parents love! The lessons are taught by specialist Gentle Guitar™ teachers to homeschooled students around the world via Skype.


The Opportunity

By joining the Gentle Guitar™ affiliate program you become an independent sales agent for Gentle Guitar™ and earn a commission based on the number of students you refer. You earn a fixed $50 commission from each new student that signs up for lessons. One of our recent affiliates referred 30 new visitors to the website and earned $50 in commission! Out of 30 referred visitors, 1 signed up for lessons. Gentle Guitar™ has an excellent conversion rate, so you could be earning a lot of extra cash!


Real Value

Unlike many other online schemes and digital products that offer very little value to the end customer, Gentle Guitar™ is different. Gentle Guitar™ is an old-school business gone viral! It’s not an empty promise or yet another video course that doesn’t work. This is real value delivered one-to-one from an experienced specialized teacher to a young aspiring learner via a standardised and proven methodology. We vouch for great results and integrity. And we want our affiliates to be able to stand by our product as well. If you have kids ages 5 to 12, why not try out a lesson and see for yourself what the tuition is like? If you don’t have kids of that age, there’s ton of information, parent testimonials, and professional blogger reviews that will help you get an insider’s understanding of the Gentle Guitar™ approach.


How it Works

You have a website, a social media presence, and a following that trusts your advice and opinions. By promoting the Gentle Guitar™ product, you’ll offer value to your readers while earning extra income for your family! As an affiliate you will:

  1. Display a banner ad on one of your site’s 1st level pages (the pages that a visitor can access from the main menu). Choose from our pre-designed banners, or we’ll design a custom banner, just for you, that matches your blog and brand!
  2. Publish at least one dedicated post reviewing or describing the Gentle Guitar™ product. (The post must be accessible via a link or banner from one of your 1st level pages).
  3. Launch a social media campaign of your choice. Design your own campaign and start earning, or let us help you design a social media blast that will get you earning commission fast!

Once you’re up and running, you’ll receive a monthly affiliate newsletter which spotlights the top 3 affiliates of the month and provides tips and tutorials to help you optimise your affiliate earnings.


The Program

The goal of the Gentle Guitar™ affiliate program is to help you put the Gentle Guitar™ brand in front of more homeschool families and earn more commission while doing it. At Gentle Guitar™ we want YOU to SUCCEED for three reasons:

  1. You’ll be spreading the word about a wonderful educational product and enriching the lives of children with a creative and developmental activity.
  2. You’ll be earning extra money and creating more opportunities for your family and for your business
  3. You’ll be helping Gentle Guitar™ grow and create more jobs for talented music teachers, while touching more young lives with the power and beauty of music.

Customized Tools & Support

You’ll work closely with our marketing specialist and set a realistic goal. How much extra money would you like to earn from your blog per month? An extra $200? or $500? Or an extra $1000? Our marketing specialist will help you design an attractive and effective campaign. You can chose from our pre-designed sales copy, web banners, Facebook ads, pins, and instagram images, or we’ll work with your ideas to create your own unique campaign. You’ll have 100% support. You’ll publish effective copy and stunning images that attract attention. As a side benefit of promoting a high quality education product, in addition to the commission, you’ll also boost traffic and exposure for your own website or blog.


Looking Good!

Gentle Guitar™ is a fast growing brand. From a small suburb in New Zealand to a head office in Copenhagen, Gentle Guitar™ is the first in the world to specialise in online guitar lessons for children. Our marketing budget is growing every year, and that means the bigger we grow, the easier it will be for you to attract new referrals, make more passive income, and grow the audience for your own blog and social network. Let’s grow together, and let’s enrich the lives of homeschooled children with musical and developmental opportunities!


Setting up your affiliate account

Setting up your account and joining the program is super easy. Just click the signup button and follow our signup wizard that will take you through 6 easy steps — from sign up, to earning your first commission!

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